Feminist Futures Storybundle!

Cat Rambo has been busy. Writing, teaching, and most relevant here: curating the 2019 Feminist Futures Storybundle. Oh yeah! You can check out Cat’s collection by clicking this link.

Since Albatross is part of this bundle, I got a sneak peek at the contents. And I’ve been READING! Storybundles are a great way to sample some writers you may not already know, or revisit some of your favs to see some of their other work. (How excited was I to see an N.K. Jemisin story in Sunspot Jungle? Very Excited, dear Reader. Very Excited!! Excited enough to hurl around misplaced capital letters and multiple exclamation points. Yes! That Excited!)

If you’re new to the Storybundle concept, it’s basically the chance to get your hands on several books/story collections/poetry assemblages, what have you, for a price that you choose. There’s also an opportunity to designate a portion of your price to go to charity. So you can support writers, get a bundle of new reading material, and do some good at the same time. Word of warning: refill your tea or other favorite beverage before you start reading. Because you may not want to put the story down… and there’s a lot of book in this bundle.