Countdown to Balticon!

I’m going to be shaking the sawgrass off my feet and heading north to Balticon next month! This should be a tremendous amount of fun. Quandry over the luggage, though: is one empty suitcase going to be enough to haul back my treasures? Will I be forced to abandon clothing to make room for books?


In general, a no-brainer. Ditch the clothes! But I LOATHE shopping for clothes. In fact, I have to go shopping today, as yet another batch of favorite t-shirts give up the ghost and politely request to be released to the rag bag. If I don’t bring my clothes home from Baltimore, I will still require clothes for daily functioning … and that means I shall have to shop again.

Maybe the venue has a pack-and-ship?

Meanwhile, on a more celebratory shopping note, visit the Balticon website and LOOK at all these amazing guests! I have read many books by these folks. I confess, though: there are at least two who’ve not made it out of my massive “To Read” pile. And for some of them, it’s been many a-year since I’ve read their work. What a great opportunity, I note to myself, for a Balticon Read-a-thon! I’m going to go through and try to read or re-read at least one work from each of these folks before the convention.

(I’m going to save Martin for last, in case I run out of time. My son’s making his way through Martin’s epic, and we’ve been discussing, so these works at least are fresh in my mind.)

If you can make it to Balticon, incroyable! Say hi! If you can’t make it to Balticon, you could consider joining me on my reading adventure. 50 years of great fiction!

Balticon 50 Here We Come!

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