Coming Soon: GBR#6 Jody Lynn Nye


The Palmer Family’s Minister of Scheduling, Bruce.

Jody Lynn Nye has a fantastic black cat as a writing companion. Her self-proclaimed primary occupation is “spoiling cats.” I wonder what on earth we’d find in common to discuss?

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: GBR#6 Jody Lynn Nye

  1. Love both your posts that occurred whilst I was abed. Especially your sketching. Am I imagining it, or has the recent practice gotten you more confident with the smeary pencil?


    • Thanks! I was consciously sublimating the drawings to the text, but people seem to like a more substantive visual. Many people who won’t comment on a blog will still message me, and report that they like the sketches. I like an understated direct-to-ink drawing, but color is fun too. (To be honest, some of it also depends on how much time I have on my hands and what materials I’ve got in front of me.)


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