Podcasting Fun!


Essential podcasting equipment: big microphone, big tea mug.

Had fun this evening chatting with R.A. (Bertie) MacAvoy and the dapper Doc Coleman for the Balticon podcast. Of course, AS SOON as you’re off the phone, you think of all the interesting places to take the conversation. Still, I had a good time. (Remind me to take Doc and his wife out for a refreshing beverage next time I’m in Baltimore.)

Here’s hoping I didn’t hog the mic! Before meeting me in person, Bertie was afraid that, being a verbally expressive individual, she’d never give me an opportunity to get a word in edgewise. She learned pretty quickly that this wasn’t to be the case.

At least it wasn’t a video interview, so everyone’s spared my expressive gestures.

I think there was a very minimal amount of people talking over each other; impressive considering that we had an audio meeting of three people who, essentially, tell stories for a living.

Doc was very kind and entertaining. Should take a couple of weeks before the ‘cast is edited and available for download. I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, give some of the back episodes a listen!


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