Maintaining Me

(I had a tan the year this was taken. I think it was 1986.)

I’m getting myself in order, physically and mentally. There’s a certain amount of “housekeeping” that comes along with maturity. I dislike the barrage of annual appointments required for modern medicine, but I try to remain grateful that I’m in a position to receive healthcare, where so many in our world aren’t.

Had a visit with a new-to-me dermatologist, a cheerful man with a head of curly gray hair who looked me up and down and said wonderingly, “You haven’t been in the sun much at all, have you? You are r​eally pale! Where did you grow up?” I was tempted to tell him Rivendell, which is true in its way, but perhaps a bit esoteric, so I went with the physical truth instead. Which led to a discussion of how Charles Manson is also from WV originally, which led to a discussion of serial killers, which is, honestly, NOT the conversation one expects to have while naked with a stranger. 

Wanted to take a spur-of-the moment road trip to DragonCon, but putting myself into that kind of physical stress while switching meds around is not a good choice. And I’m feeling a bit impulsive lately, but not so impulsive that I’d consider collapsing in an airport a fun option. (Ask me how I know!) I have a bit of environmental guilt about even considering it, but considering it I am: WorldCon is in New Zealand next year. Hmmmmm… certainly time to plan.

A year. That’s a good intermediate goal, right? If I scrape my fragmented energy together, and point it at one thing, I’m pretty decent at accomplishing Stuff. Now I’m going to break down the Intermediate goal into step-by-step goals, and see where I can go.

First, though, short term goals. Only six more medical appointments for me this month. I can do it!

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