Great Balticon Readathon Progress Report

imageOmystars, folks! Just checking our progress and I have come to an unsettling conclusion: we’re going to have to read FASTER.

My suggestion: cut out the nonessentials. Ironing, for example.

When I set out to prepare myself for Balticon 50, I optimistically thought I’d have time to do the reading, reader responses, brief bios, and still maintain my life and my own writing schedule. BUT… not to be. Each of these blog entries is deceptively short. They probably look as though I’ve just tossed them off. The unseen part: I spend hours researching each author and their works before chosing a book or story, and selecting points to focus on for the post.  And it’s fascinating! But I still have mundane commitments and all the messy, gloriously human things to attend to as well as doing the actual composition and editing. I also have to make a sketch, photograph the sketch, then prep it for online use in the Procreate app. Essentially: a bigger job than I thought it was.

It’s been grand fun…but the clock is ticking. And I still have to pack! Will I make my deadline? If I could get a Batlabel, I would want one that said “Nailbiting Suspense.” Perhaps I should get one? Let me add that to the list.

Are YOU ready for Balticon 50?

Next up: Larry Niven and Steven Barnes propel us through a wild adventure in DreamPark!

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